Di Candilo Steel City – Bluescope Steel Suppliers

In May 2009, Di Candilo became a BlueScope Steel Distributor, supplying BlueScope manufactured Plate & Sheet products to Perth and Western Australia.

Bluescope Steel Plate

XLERPLATE® steel is the brand name for high quality hot rolled plate made by BlueScope Steel. The diverse range of products are available in both standard and custom specifications and backed by the team of professionals at Di Candilo Steel City.

All XLERPLATE® steel products are manufactured in accordance with the BlueScope’s quality assurance certification to ISO 9001. This commitment to consistent product excellence means your business can be confident of its ability to supply superior end products when choosing to manufacture using XLERPLATE® steel.

Bluescope Sheet Products

Di Candilo Steel City also supply a range of Bluescope sheet metal and coil products that have been tailored to meet the needs of specific markets such as mining, automotive and residential construction.

The Bluescope sheet and coil product range is available in extensive width, thickness and coating combinations. Call Di Candilo Steel City today on (08) 7228 0959 to discuss your needs.