Stainless Steel

Looking for stainless steel suppliers in Perth, Western Australia? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. At Di Candilo Steel City, we supply a variety of stainless steel products to the construction, mining, building and manufacturing industries, we also offer over the counter sales for the local fabricator or DIY home hobbyist.  

We can assist you in finding the most suitable stainless steel product for your project, we generally focus on sheeting but if you require something structural we will reach out to our partner network, as always it’s best to speak with one of our team to confirm availability. 

Stainless Steel Processing & Cutting  

We house the latest in machine cutting technology to ensure the detail and accuracy of your stainless steel finished product.

Our programming team uses up-to-date CAD drawing software to create your shape or design, from there our experienced co2 and fiber laser operators will take care of the rest.

Popular types of stainless are 304 + 316 grades, these are also available in different surface finishes like 2b mill, no.4 brushed and no.8 polished or ultra polish. 

In addition we can offer services such as etching, marking, pressing and rolling, there are some limitations depending on the size and kind of stainless steel used. 

Make an enquiry with our Perth team today about our stainless steel products and let us find the right solution for you.

Simply call on (08) 9279 7244 or email