Laser Cutting

Di Candilo Steel City’s dedicated laser processing facility in Bayswater houses several premium laser cutting machines utilising both fibre and CO2 laser technology. We can cut a variety of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and galvanised steel into whatever design you require, whether it be something for outdoor such as a fence panel or artistic screen, machinery components or ready for shelf finished goods.

You can be certain that our skilled laser cutting service team will ensure the result of your steel project is exactly what you intended.

Through our laser cutting service, our skilled team of programmers and operators will ensure the result of your steel project is exactly what you intended.

Laser Cutting Frequently Asked Questions

Our laser cutting service covers the following kinds of steel:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • QT
  • Galvanised

What types of steel objects can we laser cut?

The list of steel objects we can laser cut is (almost) endless. Just some of the more popular steel objects we cut are:

  • Steel components for machinery, trailers, conveyors, mining equipment, and models
  • Artistic, stainless or aluminium gate and fence panels, outdoor screens, letter box fascia, signage, stencils, and tags

Are there limitations to our laser cutting services?

Yes and no, whilst the fibre and CO2 laser cutting machines are powerful and can produce intricate shapes and designs, they run optimally within specific parameters. We can guide you through what is and what is not possible to ensure the quality and utility of your steel is not compromised.

What if I require fabrication, bending or testing for my steel?

We have excellent vendors who can cater to the above processes as this is not something our Perth team performs in house. Your sales consultant can help point you in the right direction should your steel or metal project require all or one of these services.

What happens when my steel parts have been laser cut?

Once we have completed laser cutting your steel, you can collect it from our premises in Bayswater, just 13km from Perth City.

Make an enquiry with our Perth team today about our laser cutting services and let us find the right laser solution for your next project.

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