Profile Cutting

At Di Candilo Steel City, we’re a leader in the heavy plate market of profile cutting. Our team in Perth can arrange for your plate(s) to be delivered to your workplace ready to use or ready to machine. We pride ourselves on producing high-quality products within competitive lead times.

Our team of experts have access to some of the best equipment on the market. Some of the equipment we use at our facilities include:

  • High-density plasma cutting machines
  • Heavy-duty profile cutting machines
  • Multi-purpose machines for bevel plasma, drill, tap and profile cutting
  • Guillotine
  • Laser cutting machines

Reliable and Precise Profile Cutting

As part of our profile cutting services in Perth, we have the ability to cut from 0.6mm steel plates up to 200mm thick plates, whilst maintaining our standard 2mm tolerances. With our multi-purpose machine, we have the capacity to cut up to 4500mm in width. Some of the things we can cut include:

  • Counter weights
  • Bearing housings
  • End discs
  • Cogs and sprockets

These machines are operated by experienced staff members and supported with the most up-to-date software. If you’d like a quote or to find out more about our profile cutting services in Perth, contact us today on (08) 9279 7244.