Beamline and Bandsaw Cutting

Bandsaw cutting is a standard service we provide here at Di Candilo Steel City. As Perth’s leading structural steel supplier, we have access to multiple bandsaws from some of the world’s leading brands, including an automatic saw and a large beamline capable of cutting and drilling steel on different angles. With competitive turnaround times, our customers also have the advantage of not waiting very long for their goods to be cut to size.

Some of the types of steel we can cut using our beamline and bandsaw machines include:

  • PFC (Parallel Flange Channel) steel
  • SHS (Square Hollow Section) steel
  • UB (Universal Beam) steel
  • UC (Universal Column) steel

Having recently introduced a beamline to our services, we have increased our ability to service the construction industry. Cutting and drilling structural steel to desired lengths certainly saves our clients time and money on in-house processing that no longer needs to be done.

Using the latest technology for maximum cutting results, our machines feature:

  • Hydraulic blade tightening
  • Double blade-guides, with fixed side and mobile sides that are automatically pre-adjustable
  • A synchronised brush that helps remove the chips from the teeth of the bandsaw blade
  • Hydraulic vertical hold-downs that are made to slide on the prismatic guides
  • Blade lubricating/cooling system which is included in the working cycle without a flood coolant
  • Two independent hydraulic vices to clamp the profile while being cut either at 90° or at a programmed mitered position

If your project requires PFC, SHS, UB, UC and Angle Iron steel products then talk to WA’s leading structural steel suppliers – Di Candilo Steel City.  For a quote or to learn more about our beamline and bandsaw cutting services, contact us today on (08) 9279 7244.