Cropper & Punching

At Di Candilo Steel City we keep the old-style way of cutting and punching steel, not fancy but effective, a cropper + puncher is a quick and reliable way to process a variety of steel, we predominately use it for round bar, square bar, flat bar and angle.

How does a cropper work?

Essentially a big shear, one blade stays fixed whilst the other moves, the material is positioned between both blades, when they meet it slices through the steel resulting in a clean and accurate cut with very little to no waste.

What does a steel punch do?

As the name implies, a steel or (metal) punch uses similar shearing (cut) forces as a cropper only this time we are driving through the steel using a die that is the shape/size of the hole or slot we require,  no need for drilling/milling, quick precise and to the point.

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