Plasma Cutting Services

Are you looking for a plasma cutting service in Perth that can cut steel to meet your specific requirements? At Di Candilo Steel City, we provide plasma cutting services for clients across multiple industries. We deliver products that are cut to the highest quality and precision. We specialise in offering our plasma cutting services to government departments, having cut steel bridge and jetty components as well as sound wall posts in the past. Further to government departments, we also provide our plasma cutting service for clients in the construction and mining industries and provide plasma cut metal sheets and signs for clients big and small across Perth.

Our plasma metal cutting service is able to cut:

  • Base plates
  • Cleats
  • Artistic facades
  • Bucket components
  • Wear strips
  • Liner plates
  • Metal signs

We are always happy to service our client’s requests. By having multiple cutting machines with various capabilities, it gives us more options and opportunities to meet our client’s steel requirements. Our plasma machines are built in Australia by Profile Cutting Systems (PCS), an Australian owned and run business.

Recently we have added a heavy-duty multi-purpose plate processing machine to our steel cutting processing facilities. It has increased our capabilities and services substantially. These include drilling, tapping, bevel head plasma metal cutting and countersinking, not to mention the ability to cut steel up to 4.5 metres wide. We use this multi-purpose plasma cutting machines at our facility in Bayswater.


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