Steel Pipe, Tube, Bar & Sections Perth

Di Candilo Steel City is a Perth-based, privately owned steel processing and distribution company.

With an established and experienced team, Di Candilo is able to supply a wide range of steel sections to industries across Perth and WA including construction, mining, oil and gas and more.

With Di Candilo Steel you have a one-stop shop able to provide you with:

  • Steel Pipe – many sizes
  • Steel Tube – many sizes
  • Steel bar
  • Steel Sections

With steel fabrication handled onsite, we have developed a reputation for the highest quality products and excellent customer service befitting our standing in the market.

Contact us with your requirements and we will provide you with a competitive quote. If you’re looking for steel pipes, tubes or sections in Perth, call us on (08) 7228 0959 or contact us here.