Processing & Cutting


We can arrange for your plate to be delivered ready to use or ready to machine.

Di Candilo Steel City prides itself on producing a high quality product with very competitive lead times. With multiple high-density plasma cutting machines, heavy-duty profile cutting machines, guillotines and a 5kw Laser Cutting Machine. We have the ability to cut from 0.6mm steel plate up to 200mm thick plate, at the same time maintaining our standard 2mm tolerances. The machines also have the capabilities to cut up to 3200mm diameter.

These machines are operated by experienced staff members and supported with the most up-to-date software.

We have recently added a state of the art 5kW Laser Cutting Machine to our processing facilities. This machine enables us to cut stainless steels, aluminium and carbon steels up to 20mm thick and 2m wide by 6m long.

Merchant Bar and Tubular

We can arrange for your steel to be delivered ready to use in the lengths you specify.

Bandsawing is a standard service we provide. As we have multiple bandsaws, an automatic saw and a cropping and punching machine, our customers have the advantage of not waiting very long for their goods to be cut.

Our bandsaw facilities can handle full bundles at a time and we can cut from full lengths thereby reducing or eliminating waste. The customer benefits because of less handling and storage costs associated with purchasing cut material.

We also have a cropping and punching facility which cuts small angles and merchant bars to required sizes.

Structural Steel

We can arrange for your structural steel to be delivered ready to use or ready to fabricate.

Whether it is a simple straight cut or a complex mitre cut, our processing capabilities will save you time and money.

The advantage of having state-of-the-art bandsaws enables our lead times to reduce. These bandsaws have the capabilities to mitre cut up to 60 degrees. They can also cut up to 1060mm high x 600mm wide material.


Our state-of-the art guillotine machine has the capabilities to cut up to 12mm thick plate and a width of 4 metres.